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New album "1349" out on December 12th!

 No Remorse Records presents the sixth studio album of Sweden's MEMORY GARDEN!
 MEMORY GARDEN were formed in 1992, recording demo and EP releases (including "Forever", one of the finest EPs in metal history) until 1996 where their debut full-length album "Tides" shocked the Doom Metal world. A technical, crushing and powerful album that paved the way for the future, with MEMORY GARDEN joining Metal Blade Records releasing the albums "Verdict of Posterity" (1998) and "Mirage" (2000). At that point, MEMORY GARDEN were already hailed as one of the leading forces of the Power/Doom Metal field. And while time and tide wait for no man, they kept the course releasing "Carnage Carnival" (2008) and "Doomain" (2013). Eight years later, Swedish Powerdoom-Metal is ready to strike again with a new album that will shock the scene.
 "1349" is a conceptual album and the storyline covers both fact and fiction, taking place during the pandemic years of the black plague. "Stefan and I were talking about how the new songs were coming together nicely, and he told me he really wanted the album to carry a concept", states drummer Tom Bjorn.
 "We started contemplating different themes that could fit our music, and we both got hooked on the black plague. A very dark and tragic period of history... We drew some guidelines, or a few key words for the concept, and after that I developed the story incorporating a few facts with the fictive elements. It's not a linear timeline throughout the album, but a few songs are connected by the same character and happen in the correct order. Some things have to be read between the lines though."
 The album is mixed and mastered by Dan Swano and the artwork is created once again by the mighty Hjules (Destruction, Grave Digger, Annihilator, Stratovarius). Guest artists such as Niklas Stalvind (Wolf), Josefin Back (the original voice of "Marion" from the first demo in 1993!) and Goran "Freddy" Fredrikson (medieval instruments) contribute to this album. An album which will offer a sufficient dose of Swedish Powerdoom-Metal in the vein of the classic MEMORY GARDEN albums like “Tides” and “Mirage”, but also other classics like Candlemass’ underrated “Chapter VI” and Memento Mori releases like “Rhymes Of Lunacy” and “Songs For The Apocalypse Vol. IV”.



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