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New album to be released in 2021!

 KENN NARDI has revealed some preliminary information about his forthcoming new album, due in late 2021.
 Here is what he had to say (via Facebook):
 Exciting news about the new album...
 As I posted a while back, I have been writing and recording some new songs. I wasn't sure exactly which direction the material would be heading in, but with almost all of the songs finished aside from vocals on a few of them, I can say that it will lean more towards the heavier side of Dancing With the Past. A bit of thrash, tons of heavy riffs, some orchestral stuff and lots and lots of melody (of course).
 I'm VERY happy to say that the highly-respected Eliran Kantor will once again be providing the cover art (he just did the much-anticipated fully reunited Helloween album). Eliran did Dancing With the Past and the Hindsight re-recordings and all his stuff is top-notch. Lucky for me we've been friends for a while now or his britches would surely be too big for little old me. Seriously though, Eliran loves the new songs and I'm really hoping they inspire him to come up with his best cover ever (no pressure, Eliran).
 The album will also be released by Divebomb Records, who did Dancing With the Past and the 2nd run of Hindsight. Matt's an old friend and an ANACRUSIS fan and it's always great working with him (for me anyway, he might have a different opinion, ha).
 No album title yet, but I'm leaving that open to see what Eliran comes up with. Due to the whole Covid situation, production times are longer than usual, so we're hoping to have the album out by fall, but I plan to post a few songs between now and then as an appetizer.
 More details will be posted as things become a bit more solidified, but I can say that based on the response from those who have heard the new songs I think fans of my previous music and of course, of ANACRUSIS should love it. \m/


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