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03 November 2023 00:00 - 05 November 2023 23:59

 Fest organizer Cody Martin comments on this year’s event: “Mass Destruction Metal Fest started as a passion project to bring genre pioneers and the old guard along with fresh new bands to Atlanta, and some rare international treats that wouldn't make it to our city otherwise. We're now into our sixth year and have held true to that ethos.
 “This year we booked one of my all-time favorite bands, Autopsy! It's unreal to be in contact with Chris (Drums/Vocals--who also had a stint in a ‘lil ole band named DEATH!) and then have him reach out ecstatic with the news of us booking Coven. It truly is magical when the bands are just as excited as the promoters who are just as excited as the fans.
 “We host Mass Destruction Metal Fest at The Loft @ Center Stage, which we feel allows for a more intimate experience for diehard fans and bands. You're almost guaranteed to see one of the guys from Immolation or Incantation hanging around the venue before their sets. You'll see some of the younger guys in bands that played the first day going ape-shit in the pit for Autopsy the following day. Atlanta is THE place to be the first weekend of each November.”
 The daily lineups for Mass Destruction VI are as follows:
FRIDAY 11/3: Coven | Immolation | Vulcano | Drawn & Quartered | Ascended Dead | Fulci | Molder | Sadistic Ritual
SATURDAY 11/4: Autopsy | Pagan Altar | Legion of Doom | Undergang | Manticore | Nekrofilth | Pigs Blood | Mo'ynoq
SUNDAY 11/5: Pig Destroyer | Incantation | Bølzer | Hellwitch | Father Befouled | Lullaby | Oath of Cruelty


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  • From 03 November 2023 00:00 to 05 November 2023 23:59

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