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08 May 2024 - 01 June 2024

 Statement by Austin Lunn:
 “Roads to the North” represented a pivotal change in not only my life, but in Panopticon's music and trajectory. After leaving our family, friends and home in Kentucky for a brief time where I worked as a brewer and we lived in Norway, we returned home, welcomed our first son into the world and promptly moved to Minnesota where I founded and run a brewery. Many changes occurred in our lives that needed to be reckoned with and processed.
 Music is the vehicle I choose for such matters.
 “Roads to the North” was the sound of a young man, only 31 years old at the time reflecting on changes and growth in life, as the symphony of life plays on regardless of mistakes and broken strings. 2024 will be ten years since its release, and it feels like the right time to bring this album in its entirety to the stage for yet another time of reflection on the simultaneous, incredible beauty and horror of this time we have on earth."


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