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Third solo album, "The Art Of Letting Go", out on October 11th!

New album, "Ten" out on July 12th!

New album, "The Obsession", out on September 20th!

Debut solo album, "Vermillion", out on the 23rd of August!

New album, "Mean Streets", out on May 10th!

New album, "Child Within The Man", out on May 10th!


Debut album, "Pioneers Of Alcohol", out on September 6th!

New album, "I May Be Some Time", out on July 5th!

New album, "La France Des Maudits", out on July 14th!

New album, "The Savage Winds Of Wisdom", out on July 17th!

New album, "Seven Forbidden Books Of Spells"!

New album, "Where Time Will Come To Die", out on July 19th!

New EP, “Helvetet På Jorden”, out on July 19th!

Self-titled debut album out on September 13th!

New EP, "Stolid State"!


“Ridiculous And Full Of Blood” (Red Crk)

“Too Daze Gone”

“Almost There” (Seeing Red)

“Night Without Day” (Stormspell)

“Crown Of Decay”

“Defiling The Decayed” (Moribund)


“The Best Kiss Of My Life”

“From Hades to Valhalla… - Bathory – The Epic Story” (Pagan Records and Monomaniax Prod.)

«Οι εκατόν είκοσι ημέρες των Σοδόμων ή Το σχολείο της ελευθεριότητας» (Gutenberg / Orbis Literæ)


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