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New album, "Another Side Of You", out on February 16th!

New album, "Myths Of Fate", out in 2024!

New live album, "A Heaven You May Create", out now!

New album, "Profane Prayer", out on March 1st!

New album, "Hell, Fire And Damnation", out on January 19th!

New album, “Old Eyes, New Heart”, out on January 26th!


New album, "Charcoal Grace"!

New album, "A.I.," out on January 26th!

Debut album, "To Watch With Hands To Touch With Eyes", out on February 16th!

New album, "Under The Southern Light", out on February 16th!

New album, "Necrotic Assimilation", out on December 8th!

New album, "Sever Sacred Light", out on February 9th!

New album, "Raw Live (At Copenhell)", out on February 2nd!

New album, "Savage Dawn", out on February 16th!

New EP, "Hermalausaz", out on December 21st!


“Inspiratio Profanus” (Nuclear Blast)

“Tálgröf” (Season Of Mist / Underground Activists)

“Terror Management Theory” (Season Of Mist)

“Illusion I” (Revalve)


“Until The Sun Goes Down”


«Η ιδιωτική ζωή ενός κατασκόπου – Οι επιστολές του, 1945-2020)» (Bell)

«Περί της καταγωγής του χρόνου – Η τελική θεωρία του Stephen Hawking» (Κάτοπτρο)

“Kerrang! Living Loud: Four Decades on the Frontline of Rock, Metal, Punk, and Alternative Music” (DK)


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