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Debut live album performing the music of Hellhammer, “Resurrection Of The Flesh”, out on November 10th!

Final album of their Leviathan Trilogy, "Leviathan III", out on December 15th!

New album, "Gilded Sorrow", out on February 16th!

New album, "Hymns From The Apocrypha", out on November 3rd!

New album, "Dark Parade", out on October 20th!

New album "Riders Of The Ancient Storm", out on October 6th!


New album, "Throne Of The Lunar Soul", out on November 24th!

New album, "Tempest", out on October 27th!

Debut album, "You're Hellcome", out on September 22nd!


New album, “Life”, out on November 17th!

New album, "Into The Eternal Satanic Damnation", out on November 1st!

Debut album, "Monumental Putrescence", out on December 19th!

Debut album, "Legends & Lores", out on December 8th!

New album, "Almost Human", out on September 22nd!

New split album, "Disciples Of The Moonlight Worship", out on November 1st!




“Metal United Down Under Volume VI – The Voice Of The Underground”

“Bite Of The Street” (Nefarious Industries)

“As Gomorrah Burns” (Nuclear Blast)

“High Evolution”


“Lipstick and Leather - On the Road with the World’s Most Notorious Rock Stars” (Sandstone Press)

“Living and Touring with Alice Cooper and Other Stories” (Manhattan)

“Swing of the Blade – More Stories from Metal Blade Records”


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