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New album, "The Obsession", out on September 20th!

Debut solo album, "Vermillion", out on the 23rd of August!

New album, "Mean Streets", out on May 10th!

New album, "Child Within The Man", out on May 10th!

Self-titled debut album out on July 26th!

New album, "Yesterwynde", out on September 20th!


New album, "Voice Of Storms", out on June 21st!

New album, "Chaosweaver", out now!

New album, "Aesthesis", out now!

New album, "Dissolve", out on June 28th!

New album, "Beyond The Veil", out on July 12th!

New album, "Circle Of Life", out on September 13th!

New EP, "Volume", out now!

New album, "Sleep Cycle", out now!

New album, "Distortion", out on September 6th!


“I Am” (Nuclear Blast)

“From Hell I Rise” (Reigning Phoenix Music)

“Risen Symbol” (Steamhammer / SPV)


“Under The Crooked Claw” (Nuclear Blast)

“Dark Superstition” (Nuclear Blast)

“Mind Burns Alive” (Nuclear Blast)


«Οι εκατόν είκοσι ημέρες των Σοδόμων ή Το σχολείο της ελευθεριότητας» (Gutenberg / Orbis Literæ)

“Iggy And The Stooges – The Authorized Biography” (New Haven Publishing)

«Απομνημονεύματα ενός τρελού» (Νεφέλη)


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